Who we are

Mika Minio-Paluello has 14 years’ experience as an energy economist with a focus on climate industrial strategy, jobs modelling and contract and revenue analysis. She has provided economic analysis covering job creation, steel, ports, home insulation, renewables deployment, energy distribution and supply, and oil extraction to UK political parties, trade unions and devolved and local governments, and internationally to politicians and civil society in Germany, Egypt, Jordan and Uganda. She is also a sailor and beekeeper.

Anna Markova has conducted economic modelling and policy development on energy and climate change for the past 10 years, including modelling future clean jobs potential for Platform’s report Sea Change, analysing energy investment plans in Russia, Argentina and North America, and corporate secrecy investigations for Global Witness. Anna has provided data analysis and management services to trade unions and NGOs like New Economics Organisers Network. Anna also plays woodwind instruments and writes science fiction.